Dear sirs

We are glad to introduce you our company which invented and is manufacturing the inertial gravitational vertical mud collectors, intended for water treatment from industrial impurities, suspended and emerging substances.

Attached you will find the description of our device — the inertial gravitational vertical mud collector (IGVMC), intended for reagent-free water treatment from industrial impurities and the weighed substances.

Installation of IGVMC on circulating cycles of industrial manufactures helps to thoroughly solve a problem of water treatment and drift of the industrial equipment by mud sediments that considerably reduces expenses on the planned repairs of the equipment and introduction of chemical reagents in water streams, as well.

IGVMC can be applied for heating systems, reverse, network, supplementary and returnable water, and also on any water streams and cycles of various productivity where there are problems with industrial impurities and the suspended substances. IGVMC shows high efficiency when being installed before and after salterns, before heat exchangers, after brighteners, purifies water from alluvial sand, scale, silt, shell rocks, etc. Degree of treatment thus is from 95 to 98 %, depending on size of particles.

Also IGVMC shows good results in treating water from microbiological slime. Purification degree thus fluctuates from 40 to 60 %.

In addition IGVMC can entrap floating substances (wood, oil products, foliage, etc.). In this case the design of IGVMC includes the top settling zone (between submitting pipeline and the device case), and the top drainage branch pipes is provided.

Among advantages Of IGVMC is simplicity of design, absence of any loading by filtering materials and grids which can be hammered and broken off while in service, and also that washing (purge) of the filter is carried out without a stop of its work. This mud collector doesn’t require installation of the reserve device.

IGVMC can be manufactured of ferrous metal, stainless steel and it is completed by system of automatic washing of drainage drains.

Installation of IGVMC can be carried out both indoors, as well as outdoors.

For designing the device, and for calculation of its cost it is necessary for us to receive some parameters described in the applied questionnaire from the Customer.

We ask you to consider possibility of use of IGVMC on your manufacture.

We are ready to consider any of your offers.


Best regards,